Saturday, March 18, 2006

Psalm 139-It's All Too Big

You are closer to me than I am, God
You shine through my chaos and confusion
from my innermost self.
You know my week points and my hurt places,
the habits I resort to and the goals that sustain me.
You well up in me
You hold me in the palm of your hand.

I can’t quite grasp this-it’s just too big.
Understanding flits by in the corner of my mind
and is quickly gone.

You’re in all of this from the big bang to
the outer edge of space and time.
You are the seed at my center from my birth to now
to my death and beyond.
Deep in every growing bone, every forming love,
every struggled thought.

There is nowhere that you that you are not.
Search me, try me, purify me
Lead me to the way of Oneness with you.

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Anonymous said...

I was so moved by your interpretation of the Psalm 139. I am a Catholic Deacon. Married for 44 years -five children, ten grandchildren. I am giving a presentation to fifth through high school students with their parents. The theme is: "I am beautifully and wonderfully made." That's how I came across your web page.
You have beautifully expressed the essence of this psalm. It has inspired me and given me direction for my presentation. Thank you.
Peace, Rich