Saturday, April 29, 2006

Psalm 107 Thanksgivings

Give thanks to God, who is good
   whose mercy endures forever.
Let all who have known God’s grace declare
   that their suffering has been redeemed.

Some wandered in desert wastes
   isolated and without help.
They were hungry and thirsty
   their spirits languished within them.
In their trouble they cried out to God,
   who delivered them from their distress
Let them give thanks
   for the mercy God shows to all people.
God satisfies the thirsty,
  and fills the hungry with good things.

Some sat in darkness and gloom
   bound fast in their misery.
feeling abandoned and alone
   stumbling about, with none to help.
And then—a light in the darkness!
   Let them give thanks!

Some lived foolishly and became ill
They cried out in their struggle with death.
And then—a moment of peace, a word of healing.
   Let them give thanks.

Some lost themselves in their work.
   Though they saw God’s beauty,
they, too, became lost in storms and stress
   and cried out to God, who delivered them.

God stills the storm to a whisper
   and quiets the waves of agitation
Give thanks for God’s mercy
   for the wonders God does for all people.

And as for the poor, remember, always—
God has a heart for the poor.
The upright will see this and open their own hearts.
Whoever is wise will ponder these things.

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