Thursday, April 27, 2006

Psalm 109: For a Parish Minister

Make known your presence, O God
   Let me hear your still, small voice.
For those I lead are not happy with me
   and are making my life difficult.
They are not honest with me
   They fight me without cause.
They need a leader, but
   they want to do it all themselves.
Despite my love they accuse.
   I can only pray for them.
They set the simple against me
   When they judge me guilty, my appeal is not heard.
If they push too hard, I will have to leave them.
I will be sad; my family will be deprived.
They are not bad people.
and I do not wish them ill—
But I pray that they would come to their senses,
   and quit attacking me.
I feel faded and weak-kneed.
help me, O God—
save me for your mercy’s sake
They may curse, but you will bless
Let my accusers wrap themselves in their shame.
I will give thanks to You.

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