Friday, April 07, 2006

Psalm 119 v. 113-128

Oh, how I hate my divided heart
and how I long for simplicity!
But I tear around
desiring interests and responsibilities.
Will you hold me even in this tattered state?
Honor my trying?
I need your help, O God—

I have tried to live a good life
Please—may it go smoothly for a while.
Surround me with good people, and
teach me to work well with them.

You Way is wonderful
therefore I follow with all my heart.
It lights up my life.
and gives me a path through this complex world.
I long for your love –turn to me
Steady my footsteps—help me to live justly.
Rescue me from all of my foolishness.
and all of the dangers of the world.
Shine your light on me—
teach me--hold me
My heart is open to you.

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