Monday, April 10, 2006

Psalm 119 v.49-72

Your Way lives in my heart
it gives me hope in times of doubt and dryness.
I understand this Way uniquely, so
it is mine and I cherish it.
It links me to your servants in many places
and through many generations. I am glad.
It is a quiet song in my life.
I sing.

Your love is what feeds me, O God
I have settled on that.
Remember me,
as I remember you
Help me to live in your ways
To pick a good path through the forest that is this life.
When I wake in the night, I will thank you, and listen to you.
I will seek out companions who are on the path
so we can walk together
I will watch for you in the beauty of my days.

This gift of life—what a wonder!
I want to be worthy of all my blessings.
Before my dark times I took it all for granted.
affliction opened my eyes.
Now I stretch out my hand to touch it all.
Teach me—help me understand.
I set my feet to live in your Way.
I take my place by your side.

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