Sunday, April 02, 2006

Psalm 123- Starry Skies

I gaze at the starry skies
Drawn to every tiny light.
Drawn to what I know of each one’s unfathomable distance,
astounding size, profound age.
I look to this big picture to help me imagine You.
The intricate patterns bind us.
Have mercy on your tiny servant.
Who watches for you in the watches of the night.

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Terry said...

Christine, thank you for this beautiful reflection. I have taken a great interest in the wonders of the starry skies recently and found your psalm so appropriate. Your psalm/reflections bring new perspectives to our familiar psalms and speak to us with fresh understanding.

May I use this or other similar psalms in a prayer for small groups while acknowledging your authorship?

I hope you continue your creative work!


Christine Robinson said...

You may use these psalms in your group, with my blessings. Christine