Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Psalm 68 Salvation

As the wind disperses smoke,
As the wax melts in the fire
May all that divides me and separates me
  flee before Your love.
As once You touched me with awareness
   on a bright June day when all had been soaked and sad
As once You touched me with acceptance
when my heart was heavy.
As You have calmed me and opened my heart
   in the presence of suffering.
As You have showed me that there is a path beyond death.

Blessed be God, day by day,
  The God of our Salvation, who bears our burdens.


praisefilledlungs said...

VERY cool stuff.. thanks for posting!!!

Christine Robinson said...
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Christine Robinson said...

Thank YOU for commenting! You know, I started posting these Psalms mostly to experiment with Blogging, and it was a body of work I had at hand. It has been a very pleasent surprise to discover than others are enjoying and benefitting from them!

I'm trying to post a Psalm a day, and to spend some time with each one before I do.