Sunday, June 04, 2006

Psalm 94 justice

You don’t take vengeance on evildoers, so
the arrogant do not get their just deserts.
How long, how long,
will the wicked triumph?
They boast and swagger
they oppress the poor
They squander the world’s resources
and pollute and defile her.
They think that there is no one who sees.
Worse, they think You see and approve.
(Dear God, if you were vengeful, I would be in trouble.
for I live in these evil ways too
and have not found my way out of them.)
As for me, you know me.
You have instructed my heart.
You have not abandoned us.
You do not forsake your own.
Your judgment is just.
and true hearts follow.
You have come to my help
as often as my foot has slipped.
When many cares fill my mind
I find rest in you.
I will do what I can in the world
And trust your unfolding for the rest.

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