Monday, July 31, 2006

Psalm 38 -- Hear My Prayer

I’m in terrible shape
   sick, weak, feeling depressed and guilty.
Numb inside
all my life crushed away.
   I groan.
Do you hear me, God?
Are you there in my pounding heart?
This is too much for my friends to watch, but
   you can bear it—can’t you?
I feel like my enemies are closing in—
   taking advantage of my weakened condition.
I just need to be quiet—quit flailing around,
   fix my hope on You.
I’ve made such a mess of this
   precious life you gave me.
I’m sorry. I’m sad. I want to put it back together.
With your help, and in time.
O God, do not forsake me—
   be not far from me.
Make haste to help me, O God of my salvation!

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