Thursday, March 15, 2012

Psalm 11 Everywhere

I have taken refuge in You, but I am not always calm. 
My instincts tell me to fly from the world's dangers and troubles. 
The evil seem to prosper. I feel helpless. 
My doubts and fears loom large. 
My foundations shake—what shall I do?

You are—everywhere
You see—everything
You know—my deepest heart.
You weigh—every soul with love.

You abhor the wicked and the violent.
they wander about, lost in their anguish.
You help the righteous and the just.
They see your many faces and go about their work in calm faith.

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Claire said...

Thank you so much for your psalms for a new world. I just discovered your mobile version. It is so nice to now have a modern and meaningful psalter on my phone. Best regards, Claire