Saturday, September 09, 2006

Psalm 18 Your Love

I open my heart to you, O God
  for you are my strength, my fortress,
  the rock on whom I build my life.
I have been lost in my fears and my angers
   caught up in falseness, fearful, and furious
I cried to you in my anguish.
You have brought me to an open space.
   You saved me because you took delight in me.

I try to be good, to be just, to be generous
   to walk in your ways.
I fail, but you are my lamp.
  You make my darkness bright
With your help, I continue to scale the walls
  and break down the barriers that fragment me.
I would be whole, and happy, and wise
  and know your love

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John Mansfield said...

Hi Christine - thank you for your Psalm 18 post.

I've recorded a CD called PSALMS: Hope & Encouragement with background music and sounds from nature and Psalm 18 is on the album. I'd be very happy to email you mp3 of Psalm 18 if you'd like to hear it.