Friday, September 08, 2006

Psalm 22 You Do Not Despise the Doubter

I call you, “My God,” but you are not here.
   I feel no comfort from my faith.
Others say that they trusted you and were delivered.
   But my faith is not good enough for today’s trials.
I feel like a miserable worm.
And yet—you have been with me since before the beginning.
   From the womb, the day I was born.
  You loved me and kept me when I was a helpless infant.
Keep me safe still.
  I feel surrounded by dangers—roaring
lions and angry bulls.
  It has reduced me to jelly. I’m like a
lump of melted wax.
My mouth is as dry as an old clay pot.
The dog packs are closing in.
My enemies, inner and outer-surround me.
Save Me!
I will not give up my faith
I will speak of it to others
I know that you do not despise the doubter
  and that you hear us when we cry out.
Keep my heart open to you, O God!

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