Thursday, June 15, 2006

Psalm 73 --An Open Heart in a Time Like This

I have set myself to live with an open heart
   to abandon my self to love and service.
How often I loose my way—
   in resentment, in loneliness, in despair.
I can cop out, give in, go along with wealth and power.

We think we have a right to pile up our wealth,
   to entertain ourselves with toys while the world suffers.
We think we can mortgage our future and the worlds’ future
   to today’s pleasures.

I know this and feel helpless—and the poor call me
   oppressor with the rest.

How can I live with an open heart in a time like this?
   My love and service are so small against the vast needs of the world.

I sit in this darkness, and no answer comes. God is silent.
   But I need no vision to know where God’s heart is in this time.

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