Sunday, July 30, 2006

Psalm 39 Questions

I try to be patient with myself and with God
But sometimes my frustration gets out of hand
And I burst with unanswerable questions
and whiny demands.
Are you there, do you care,
what am I supposed to be doing?
Why don’t you show yourself just a bit more often?
How long do I have in this life, and what happens after?

Sometimes these poor questions are my only connection.

Our lives are short, just a puff of wind to You.
We consume our world and ourselves, fussing
with our neighbors, being anxious. What’s the point?

Dear God, help me turn to You,
and fall silent before a Mystery that I can only
begin to imagine.
Hear my prayer, give ear to my cry.
Speak your word to my heart when I am in distress.
For I would make this life a journey to you,
And live and die in hope.

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