Thursday, May 11, 2006

Psalm 102 Depression and Faith

O God, hear my prayer
   and let my cry come to you.
I drift through dull and cloudy days.
   my bones are turned to ash
My heart is closed down.
   I’m not taking care of myself.
I feel like a vulture in the wilderness
   an owl in the ruins, a lone pigeon on a roof.
I lie awake in the night
   with voices that revile me.
I feel far from You—
   Have you who lifted me up, thrown me away?

O God, you endure forever.
You come in your appointed time.
You rebuild nations, point the homeless to shelter,
   hear the groan of the captive
and help the dying be at peace.
You laid the foundations of the earth at the beginning--
   the stars and the galaxies are the work of your hands
   They will go to chaos, but you will endure
   You will change them like worn clothes
For You are beyond time and space and matter and energy
And with you, I am saved.

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