Monday, May 01, 2006

Psalm 105 -- Intelligent Design II

Give thanks to God, call out the Many Names
   make known your faith among the people.
Glory to the Holy One
   let the hearts of those who seek God rejoice!
Search for God, and for God’s strength
   continually seek God’s invisible face.
Remember God’s deeds, you child of God
   Ponder the wonders of the world.
Out of the nothingness before creation
  God sparked the process that became the universe
Out of the primal waters of earth
  God brought forth life.
Out of the marvelous creatures that evolved,
   God shaped humans, planted the seeds of thoughts
and blew on the flame of our hearts.
God nudged our longings and showed us ways
   to live together in peace.
Scientist and prophet, wise woman and child
   all have wisdom.
Heed their words, all ye peoples—
  fan the flames of justice; turn from your wasteful ways!
Treat God’s world with reverence
   and be at peace.

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