Sunday, June 11, 2006

Psalm 80 The Beasts of Doubt

Hear me, O God, for I am missing you
Restore in me the light of your Presence.
Hear my prayers. Heed the cry of my open heart.
You nourished a seed growing there—
   prepared the ground and planted it.
It grew large enough to fill the whole landscape!
But now—the busy boar has ravaged it
The beasts of doubt have fed on it.
The slings and arrows are outrageous.
Look upon your servant, O God—
  Help me tend and preserve my ravaged heart.
  Let your hand be on me—whom you
     once called to you and made strong.
  Give my faith life again, so I can
Call on your name with a whole heart.
Hear my prayers—heed the cry of my open heart.

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