Thursday, August 17, 2006

Psalm 32 Making Peace with the Past

Blessed are those who have made peace with the past
  with all they have done and left undone.
Blessed are those who have found the courage
   to inventory their failings and missteps,
  who know their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Blessed are those who have heard a word of forgiveness from those they have hurt—and those who have felt the accepting love of God.

When I tried to soldier on
  to deny the past and always be perfect,
I hit a wall, I dried up like a dirt road in the summer’s heat.
  I had to open my heart—to myself, to others, and to You.
I had to forgive others and take in their forgiveness of me.
  I had to let go of being perfect so I could forgive myself.
I had to open it all to you and feel your peace.

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