Sunday, August 13, 2006

Psalm 35 Ministry to Agnostics

Dear God, you set me to herding these sheep,
  or goats, or cats---these your people.
and to these, I have dedicated my work.
Sometimes they resist me.
Sometimes they are downright ornery.
No doubt at times I am clumsy or arrogant
   or insensitive, impatient and perfectionistic
These traits of mine make them feel abandoned
and they turn away.

Help me to pray for them
Help me to pray with them

I want so much for them to find some of your ways,
   and learn more of your names.
And walk themselves on the paths of truth
  justice, and peace.
Give them what you gave me, O God—
  a glimpse of your love.
They are ornery in part because they find you too inscrutable to believe in.
  (Not that they are that much more ornery than any of your people)
Bless them O God, and bless me.

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