Friday, September 08, 2006

Psalm 23 Comfort

I am a child of God
  I have everything I need.
This beautiful earth feeds my body.
  You feed my soul.
You guide me in the ways of Life,
  for You are Life.
And though I will walk through dark places, and eventually to death,
  I need never be afraid.
For You are with me always,
  In You I can find comfort.
With Your help, I can face whatever comes.
  My joy overflows.
Your goodness and blessing will be with me
  Every day of my life -- and forever.


Jeff's Page said...
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Edwin Rohweller said...

Are you disillusioned? You walk eventually to death and are comforted? The scriptures say we walk to eternity with Jesus Christ by His death and resurrection on a Cross. He died and rose again so that all we need to do is believe in him and when we die, we will be raised with Him. That's why it says, "The Lord is my Shepherd..." If you are comforted with walking towards death, then be my guest. But I am comforted in Christ, for He has given me eternal life. Read Romans 8:31-39, then repent of this nonsense and give your life to Jesus Christ. Who is real, who is living, who loves you, and wants you to walk without fear towards life, and life eternal!

Richard Burton said...

I do not have a problem with the original idea of sheep and shepherds but I do find your translation to be beautiful also. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think you have written a beautiful version of the psalm. Thank you for getting rid of the religious overtones and creating something that resonates with the theme of the psalm and is non-discriminatory and inclusive way. I think you are putting words to a feeling that is available to every human being no matter what race, creed or color - a comfort in times of trouble by feeling connected with something greater than yourself that is good and nurturing.

To the religious folk out there who might wish to share their dislike for a personal reflective interpretation of an 'old classic', thank you for sharing, you must feel very passionately about what you believe, welcome to the human race, you are not the only one, isn't that interesting, let the way you live your life be a light and example to others (you don't need to preach as actions speak louder than words, let others live their own lives with the freedom given to us all, and have a nice day.