Thursday, March 16, 2006

Psalm 142-Whining

I cry aloud my frustrations, O God, though
I know you hear my silent prayers.
I pour out my complaints to You,
and whine about my troubles.
My spirit is languishing in me.
I am caught among many demands
I feel trapped by all my responsibilities
No one really knows me—I hardly know myself.
I cry out to you, O God—
Help me manage
Help me persevere
Help me to come closer to you.
For I would give thanks for the bounty of this life
And share your love with those around me.

1 comment:

Fiber 'Liza said...

HI Christine, I found your doubter psalms while doing some research for an upcoming sermon on one of my favorite topics....does God listen to whiners...

Hope it is okay to use your "translation" with credit to you.

When the sermon is done and delivered, it will be published at

Thanks, Eliza
PS, write back if you dont want me to use the psalm.