Monday, May 01, 2006

Psalm 104 Intelligent Design I

I am awestruck, Holy One
   at this beautiful and boundless universe—
   gestated over eons with love and care.
Your creative intent envelopes the world like a cloak.
   I see it shining in the heavens, hear it whispering
   in the winds, feel it crackling in the fire.
For you energized the dust of the universe—
   the galaxies, the stars, the planets,
   right down to this jewel of an earth.
You birthed her like a golden babe
   from the fires under your heart.
She cooled, wrapped herself in water and in air.
The waters receded, the mountains rose
Storms shaped and softened the landscape
   and in time, she gave birth to life in her seas.
In the eons life evolved into myriad forms
   each with its own niche in your scheme.
With Your love, She taught each its place, its work, its song.
And humankind—you birthed us too. Gave us
   the world as our home and food--
   bread to eat, wine to make our hearts glad, herbs for
   healing, and oil to soothe our skin.
You gave us many songs, many powers, and put
   a restlessness in our hearts
   we could seek you always.

O Holy One, how manifold are your works
In your love and play you have birthed them all
   and raised them up.
I will sing your songs all my days
   and care for all you have created
   and keep my heart ever open to your Love.

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Terry said...

I love all your psalms on Creation and think this one is particularly poetic and inspirational.
I have recently made a Wilderness retreat in the Grampian Mountains in Victoria Australia, walking each day along beautiful tracks in silence, sharing our reflections at the end of the day and celebrating Eucharist along the way.
Heaven on earth!
You would have loved it!
That brought me back to revisit your wonderful Blog site and revel in your meaningful translations.